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A residency collaboration with Nanette Wylde and Kent Manske of Preneo Press

Images of Men wearing Breasts

When people use rules to drive the artistic process, this bothers me. So I decided to create some artwork around some of the statements/rules that one author created with respect to photographing breasts. All these statements are taken from the book with the library classification TR 674 H35 1980, namely:

"Photographically speaking, small to moderately sized breasts that are uplifted are by far the most desirable for female nude torso work.They can be photographed in most any position from full figure to tight closeups and from any angle with very few problems."Cover image and inside of On Photographing Breasts Pamphlet

"Large, pendulous breasts are difficult to photograph, especially in the profile position. To minimise the problem, an obvious but restrictive solution is to have the model raise her arms and shoulders."

Cover image and inside of On Photographing Breasts Folio

"The breast itself should always be allowed to complete its own circular form. It should be noted that the rib cage reinforces the breast, repeats its shape, and assists the photographer in leading the viewer's eye toward areas of dominant interest.

Cover image and inside text and image of On Photographing Breasts Folio

In December 2008, Nanette Wylde and Kent Manske invited me to a weekend residency at Preneo Press. We developed the concept of creating 3 distinct folios with the text in conjunction with photographs of men wearing breasts. This is a subversion of the male gaze, somewhat. The covers of the folios were screenprinted with images representing rather ambiguous lighting diagrams. A total of seven sets of folios were created with an additional artist proof and three participant versions.

Image of pamphlet project "On Photographing Breasts"

Image from Preneo Press Residency

Photographs: Three generations of my husband's family generously modeled the handsewn props - images reflect typical modernist photographers idealised poses.
Media: Folio covers depict lighting diagrams that are screenprinted in three values of gray in a reference to the photographic zone system. Interiors: screenprinted text with pigment printed photographs tipped into debossed rectangle.
Inks: Speedball waterbased screenprinting ink, Epson UltraChrome pigment ink
Substrates: Magnani Pescia, Epson Premium Luster Photo, Epson Velvet Fine Art papers
Folio Size: 12" x 8" spread, 6" x 8" folded
Edition: Edition of 7, 1 Artist's Proof, 3 Participant Proofs
Presentation Box: Folios sold from this website are encased in a presentation box in grey linen cloth.

Purchase Folios in a presentation box for $475

Presentation Box for "On Photographing Breasts