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Read, Yellow, Green
Cardboard Photo Booth
Camping Project
Cut Pieces
On Photographing Breasts
Constraints Series
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Border Flying Project
As the Earth Turns
Companions of my Imagination
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Video Projects

Can Art be Humble?
I am English, I am English
Blow - A Conversation
Teaching Video Art as a Second - Language

Curatorial Projects

Air Travel at Corridor 2122
Consuelo Jimenez Underwood at Conley Art Gallery, Fresno
Bay Area Book Artists at the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont
Book Arts Jam years 1 & 2

Other Projects

Cardboard Photo Booth
Search Terms


Just to be clear, I am being satirical here! These are the search terms that some people used to land on my site - they amused me at the time, so I thought I would share them in this manner. Because I manage my own website, I have access to this data. This data is from September - November 2010.

Pie Chart of serach terms to Julia Bradshaw's website September- October 2010

My web-hosting service thoughtfully provides a list of the search terms people use to find my website. They have been amusing me for a while, so I thought I would share them here. Particularly as anyone searching for ‘pendulous breasts’ would most likely have to wade through 100-1000 websites before they landed here. These were culled in September - November 2010 - let's hope they change.